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Extra Large Paint by Numbers Canvas Kits

Large size Paint by Numbers kits can make all the difference in a room and leave a distinct impression

Large Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults

myPaintLab offers painting by numbers in large sizes, which differ significantly from the normal standard format in 40x50cm. With large size Paint by Numbers kits we mean canvas sizes such as 40 * 60, 50 * 70, 60 * 80, 60 * 90, 50 * 100, 40 * 80, 70 * 90, 60 * 120 cm and larger. Single panel canvas is up to 80x160cm possible. Large format adult paint by number is a trend and growing in popularity. Personalized painting by numbers can also be produced as large-size Painting by Number with myPaintLab.

Large size Paint by Numbers are particularly suitable for decorating a room, not only as a single panel painting but also as multi-panel design Paint by Numbers. The overall size of the multi-panel design Paint by Numbers can be even larger comparing to single panel paintings.
Large painting by number themes not only make your rooms shine, especially if you have large wall surfaces to decorate. Themes in large sizes are also much easier to paint, as the detailed numbered areas are not so tiny as the areas in the smaller size canvas.

Please note that you can select the large or extra-large format from the dropdown box menu during the ordering process for all products that we offer in our online store.

Large Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults
large Paint by Numbers for adults
Painting by Numbers-Buddha in Color
Painting by numbers art lifestyle colorful half opened lips 5-pieces
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