myPaintLab is a leading Paint by Numbers brand. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and marketing top qualtiy & design Paint-by-Numbers kits, both to B2B and B2C customers.

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About myPaintLab Paint by Numbers Wall Art

We bring great art to art lovers and make it affordable and DIYable

myPaintLab Paint by Numbers for Adults and Kids

myPaintLab is a brand that exclusively specialized in Designing and Innovating, as well as Producing and Distributing of all sorts of Painting by Numbers products. We are not resellers or dropshippers, we design and produce for customers, business and retailers premium Paint by Numbers kits across the world.

myPaintLab was founded since 2008 by an international team of Painting by Numbers enthusiasts & professionals. After more than 20 years of development, we have our own team of professional designers that develop and innovate the leading-edge themes and designs of Paint by Numbers. We currently have 3 facilities in Bavaria Germany, New South Wales Australia and Shanghai China.

myPaintLab Keeps Innovating

Many years ago when most people saw Paint by Numbers as toys for kids, we started to design Paint by Numbers kits for adults.

When most people saw Paint by Numbers as a time killer or just for hobby painting, we believed a DIY Paint by Number art can and shall be also great décor.

When most people were used to a standard size of 40*50cm for Paint by Numbers, we started to offer a large variety of sizes and formats.

When people had only single panel Paint by Numbers kits, we started to develop multi-panel designs.

myPaintLab keeps innovating, from unique and creative themes to stunning multi-panel and large format designs. We try to bring Art, Aestheticism and Fun with best quality to our customers.

myPaintLab Offers Variety

Variety means very large scope of themes instead of limited products or series. myPaintLab currently offers more than 2500 themes (and keep growing fast) that cover a wide range of art styles and types of paintings. From Eastern to Western Art Styles, from Abstract, Contemporary, Classical, Realism, Folk Art, Pop Art, Graffiti to Expressionism, from Animal, Flowers Portrait, Buildings to Culture and Landscape…, you can always find the themes that fit your taste and hobby.

Variety also means abundant choices of formats and sizes. We offer formats ranges from 30x40cm to 80x180cm, as well as multi panel design from two-panel to 7-panel designs, and large panorama formats.

Distinctively Handcrafted

myPaintLab builds to order and not to stock. Due to the large variety of themes, sizes & formats we offer, myPaintLab always builds to order and not build to stock (no mass production). We produce Paint by Numbers Kits always after customers defined their specific requirements in their order placement, normally with 24-48 hours.

myPaintLab can therefore also support extensive tailor-made Paint by Numbers productions with different sizes and designs (large format / more panel design), for private customers (family portraits, pet photos and holiday pictures and so on), companies (souvenirs and promotion products) and Paint by Numbers dealers who wants to have their own collection of themes and own the exclusive rights for the themes.

Your Walls, Your Memories, Your Artwork, Painted by Yourself.

We love Paint by Numbers art and want to share it with you, to do everything we can and beyond to make sure that you find your piece. We want you to find something that will make you feel happy, and be proud of, help you to discover your artistic talent and to make your room look so much cooler.

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