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Multi-Panel Paint by Numbers Wall Art

myPaintLab multi-panel split canvas Paint by Numbers - A stunning touch to you decor

What are split canvas Paint by Numbers?

Multi-Panel Paint by Numbers is also known as split canvas Paint by Numbers. Instead of having the Paint by Numbers theme on one piece of canvas, we divide the theme into several smaller panels, leaving you with a Show-stopping wall décor. Multi-Panel Paint by Numbers designs can also be created by integrating several single panel Paint by Numbers canvas in the same or different sizes in aesthetic and creative arrangements, and Yes, you can also create the Multi-Panel designs by choose a couple of single panel Paint by Numbers kits.

myPaintLab offers 7 types of split canvas Paint by Numbers designs: diptych (2-panel), tryptch (3-panel), 4-panel, 5-panel, 6-panel and 7-panel canvas designs. We can also do Custom Paint by Number kits in multi-panel designs; we will take your own photos and split them across many canvases in a unique multi-panel way. Custom multi-panel Paint by Numbers is a creative & attractive wall art, painted by yourself, to liven up your wall with best memories.

myPaintLab Multi-Panel Paint by Numbers Collections

Hand-crafted multi split Paint by Numbers wall art – Paint stunning art work yourself to add a touch of personality to your room

Painting by numbers art abstract art blue and yellow light balls in two pieces

Paint by Numbers 2-Panels Design

Painting by numbers nature art boat at the lake I 3-piece

Paint by Numbers 3-Panels Design

Malen nach Zahlen - Die grosse Welle von Kanagawa 4-teilig (Quattro)

Paint by Numbers 4-Panels Design

Painting by numbers art animal two colorful striped zebras 5-piece

Paint by Numbers 5-Panels Design

Painting by numbers nature art boat at the lake 6 pieces

Paint by Numbers 6-Panels Design

Painting by numbers nature art boat at the sea 7 pieces

Paint by Numbers 7-Panels Design

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