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Custom Paint by Numbers Purchase Guide

Custom Paint by Numbers Purchase Guide

Pro tips for ordering a top-quality Custom Paint by Numbers kit

One of the most frequently asked questions designers get is, “How can I order a top quality Custom Paint by Numbers Kit?”. Here are some pro tips based on our professional experiences and knowhow about the custom Paint by Numbers production.

Make sure you work with a manufacturer who offers great services! See why below:

    • To create a perfect custom Paint by Number kit, you need to first choosethe right photo to be worked with. Watch out the dos and don’ts guidelines mentioned in our website and if you are still not sure, check with the service team to see if your photo is suitable for a custom Paint by Numbers (service!).
    • Sometimes it is suggested that you send some photos to the service team and ask for their judgements which one is the best. In some cases, your photos need to be edited and to remove the unimportant details to achieve the best possible results (service!)
    • The most important thing is that you shall ask for a draft design effect that shows how your photo will be looked like after converted to custom Paint by Numbers. Make sure you are comfortable with the result and confirm it. Any ordering of custom Paint by Numbers without having the possibility to preview the final result will end up risking the money and time spent in the painting. Therefore, again good service ensures a good quality and safety!
    • Speed of production and delivery is also important. From communicating, designing, finetuning & optimizing, to production and delivery, every step takes time to ensure quality. Make sure you have a design and service team that speak your language and available for you. So again, service plays a key role here!
Custom Paint by Numbers from your own photos

The design and innovation capability of the manufacture:

Leading manufactures are not only able to deliver high quality Custom Paint by Numbers kits but can leverage their expertise in developing advanced and premium Custom Paint by Numbers products. myPaintLab for example innovated two stunning new types of Custom Paint by Numbers series:

Personalized Multi Panel Paint by Numbers is an advanced type of custom Paint by Numbers design that was invented by myPaintLab design team. We convert your favorite photos in Paint by Numbers and split the image into Multi-Panel Paint by Number kits. It is an ultimate form of premium custom Paint by Numbers and is ideal for impressive room décor and gifts.

Personalized Paint by Numbers from your own photos

2. myPaintLab Portraits: Hand created paintings artworks from photos in different styles

myPaintLab Portraits Service is also a breakthrough innovation of traditional Custom Paint by Numbers. The design of myPaintLab Portrait starts with our talented artists painting your photos into Hand-Painted portrait artworks (with the art style you have decided), then we convert the hand painted artwork into Custom Paint by Numbers kits. Each photo becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Hand drawn Portrait Custom Paint by Numbers
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