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Reviews of myPaintLab Paint by Numbers Kits

Painting by Numbers - Buddha Art IV

Barbara N.

Enjoyed doing this painting with my family, we still have a long way too go until finished.

Painting by Numbers Tiger portrait Animal art 2-Partial

Krissy L.

The canvas is thick and very nice quality. The paint is great as well. These were concerns of mine, as I am a crafty person and know paints pretty well. I will be looking at buying more projects after this one is completed.

Paint by Numbers Art Animal Tiger Golden

Marita L.

Colors were sometimes creaky, so I had to make them again with water.

Painting by numbers art Iceland landscape

Susanne J.

Very good coverage colors that correspond to the specifications when ordering. Fast delivery without customs duties. Excellent! Absolutely to be recommended!

Paint by number art woman with pink black hat

Wiebke R.

I bought this as a gift for my friend who likes to paint. Came quickly and in great quality!

Paint by numbers birch woods

Jillian B.

Too much time on my hands so I started this new piece. The brushes are nice and the paint is smooth and covers well. The canvas is sturdy too. It came in a long box so no creases. I liked how they gave you more paint for numbers that were shown more often. The design is very detailed so it’ll take a while to finish. It’s definitely a much higher quality set than others I’ve seen.

Painting by Numbers Art Two Tone Face

Marion W.

I bought this for my mom to be something to do over Covid winter at home. I wasn’t sure if she would even use it. A paint by number for adults sounds kind of jokey. She ended up doing it and really enjoyed it. She’s not a painter,but this she could do. In the end, she showed it to me and it was quite pretty. I was impressed. The spaces are very small, so reading the numbers could be tricky for some. She has trouble reading small things up close, but she managed.

Painting by Numbers Art Venice Gondola

Lauryn L.

This is the third paint by numbers I’ve done and probably the most enjoyable! The canvas of this brand seems high quality, though the paint brushes leave something to be desired. Love the colors; took about 3 weeks to complete (working about 2-3hrs each evening). Highly recommend!

Painting by numbers photo art white horse in the wall

Anne Y.

I already got some pictures and painted them. They are just great.

Painting by numbers art Colored city on the Mediterranean Sea

Laura K.

This is the first paint by numbers i have owned, and it is beautiful! I am loving it, and there seems to be enough paint supplied too. Highly recommended!

Painting by numbers art animal baby fox with icy body and trees

Lizzie N.

I love this. It’s detailed and intricate but doable for a novice like me. Not something that is a fast project but something you can sink into and enjoy for awhile. Mine isn’t finished but I’m having a great time. I’ll update with pictures when I’m finished.

Painting by numbers art Colorful hand with crossed fingers

Yvonne O.

I love how this allows you to slow down in our busy lives. I probably spent 20 hours on this LOL but I like the end product

Painting by Numbers Art Minimalism Sun and Waves

Manja P.

It was a lot of fun. Many Thanks.

Paint by numbers pink trees

Eszter P.

I love this landscape design because it looks so calming and beautiful, and is a bit unique from other ones I’ve seen. The colors are serene and neutral and I think will go with any decor. The paints are good, because usually these kits come with about 20 or so paint pots, but this kit has 30. I hate the idea of running out of some paint colors near the end, so I appreciate having extra paint. The box was also surprisingly upscale and sturdy. Everything was packed very neatly and arrived in perfect condition. The back of the box also has clear instructions and recommendations. I just started, but I can’t believe how good it looks already 🙂 I’m not an artist at all, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much it looks like the original photo. Can’t wait to finish and hang it on my wall!

Painting by Numbers Lion Indian animal art

Eva P.

Final product took over a month, if not almost two. Very precise picture and very good paint quality. Great hobbie I just discovered!
Thrilled with the end result

Painting by Numbers Art Colored Line Drawing Figures Creative I

Elke J.

The graffiti is my third picture. I purposely didn’t paint the colors smooth, but with structure. That gives the pictures more depth, more life. I will work a few more designs by DIY, but also have templates made from my own photos. In this way everyone can paint, you get better and safer from picture to picture.

Painting by Numbers Art Minimalism Black Woman Fern

Maddy O.

I buy these for my clients at a rehab. These are very therapeutic. Good price for the detailed quality.

Painting by numbers art culture people standing on mountain sun in background

Karen A.

I just finished this painting and there were a few things I’d do different or want to know as someone buying this. This brand was really great in that you get extra paint pots for the more used colors. Don’t be stingy with the paint. It’s really hard to guess the color and go back in to touch up areas. The three brushes it comes with will get the job done but I’d recommend getting a set of fine brushes from

Painting by numbers art illustration white house in the countryside with colorful trees

Manuela J.

Beautiful and fun to work with the material.

Painting by Numbers Art Abstract Painting Trees Blue Orange

Chris L.

This was my first color by number & I had so much fun doing it ! took me about a month to finish but love the end product !😍 can’t wait to hang it on my wall !

Painting by Numbers Art Colorful Horse Oil Painting

Nicole B.

I really enjoyed doing this painting. Some number areas were hard to paint with the included brushes so I bought a cheap smaller brush. I was surprised how similar the painting was to the reference picture. I am in no way an artist so it looked fantastic to me. Overall great for the money!

Paint by numbers art animal whale with lighthouse house and tree on the back 4-part

Martina R.

It was my first time doing one of these and I really liked it. It helped me relax. I’m a beginner and it did take a while, but once I got it done it looked very pretty. There’s more than enough paint for every number. The brushes weren’t the highest quality but they got the job done. A map is included to help when a number isn’t clear. Overall it’s a great product.

Painting by numbers art animal cat wearing glasses

Belinda S.

I bought this for my granddaughter and she loves it!

Paint by number art landscape sea of Greece with white houses and blue roofs

Silke H.

Always happy, great pictures, great quality.

Paint by numbers mountain world

Beate Q.

This was my first paint by numbers with zero experience painting, so addicting! It came with plenty of extra paint so I was able to go back and do a second coat where needed. Finished in a about a week but only because I couldn’t stop myself.. Pretty spot on with the colors advertised, I’ll definitely be doing more of these!

Painting by numbers art nature boats are stuck in the sea and beach

Daniela W.

Very nice picture, it could look more friendly but it’s great. Quality great!
The missing color was forwarded without any fuss.

Painting by Numbers Art Minimalism Free Design Geometry III

Anna D.

I have never done paint by numbers before, but I’m happy with this one as my first try! The paint is a good quality and you can not see the numbers through it. Seems easy to follow and love the picture!
In regards to the frame not being included, a friend told me you can go to Michael’s and have it put on a canvas for less than $20

Painting by numbers art abstract circles and strokes black-white-red

Megan T.

The paint is decent quality and extras are given for the frequent greens. Though, some of the lighter colors were harder to use in evenly covering up the spaces. The canvas came rolled, so the painting process was pretty smooth. They also gave three paintbrushes which were not so great. However, the numbers and lines are easy to see. Overall, I like how the painting came out even though I knew it would not be as detailed as the product picture. For the price, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality!

Painting by numbers art nude woman from behind in bright colorful colors

Elke N.

Great picture, the colors are very nice too.

Painting by numbers art lion head with graffiti

Sonja D.

My children have been home from school (while I’m still trying to work) this painting gives me an avenue to relax and do something peaceful for myself. I don’t care for the brushed provided as they don’t give great control so I picked up a better detail brush.

Painting by Numbers Abstract Art Creative Colorful Triangles

Marianne H.

Unfortunately, I have not yet started with my new ideal. But I’m sure that I’ll be just as enthusiastic as the other motifs that I have already finished.
That’s why I’ve sent you a small selection.
Many thanks for everything.
Kudos to the customer service, always works flawlessly.

Painting by Numbers Schwäbisch Hall Half-timbered houses Old Town

Jenny P.

I love this paint by number. It turned out so so so pretty. There’s a sheet on the inside that acts as a map if you get a bit lost with what color goes where since some spots are tiny and hard to know what number goes there.

Paint by numbers tree decoration

Charlie O.

Takes a lot of patience but is great when you are stuck at home during the pandemic. This was my first adult paint by number and I was super excited to see it come together. Photo shows the painting about 95% done. I did go buy some nicer tiny brushes to do the detail work.

Sascha B.

I am still not finished with this, but it’s been a great way to remove myself from a screen during quarantine and do something a little more relaxing! I think this is going to turn out really pretty and want to frame it and put it on my wall!!

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