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Why Paint by Numbers

What do I need Paint by Numbers for?

Paint by Numbers not only allows you to create masterpieces of your own but have many further benefits. Explore the following benefits of Paint by Numbers not only help you fully exploit the advantages of Paint by Numbers, but also helps you to make good purchasing decisions.

Painting the masterpieces with Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers is a very popular hobby.

Hobby painters just love to paint without any special reasons. They just love and have fun in painting themselves. Paint by Numbers does not require any painting skills so everyone who likes painting can get started anytime. Also Paint by Numbers can help to learn painting as it makes you understand the light and dark concept and it helps you gain creative control (i.e. how to try new colors, play with brushes, and learn tricks to create unique arts). Paint by numbers is a great way to learn the basics of painting and sharpen your art skills.

Paint by Numbers is a fun way of passing time

Paint by numbers can be a much better option other than the passive way of watching television. It is something which you can be able to do in a group and thus, the entire family can try to work it out, each on their own masterpiece while you spend time together.

Paint by Numbers can be a great anxiety-reliever and can serve as a meditative craft

Paint by Numbers helps to calm down your nerves and relieve you of the entangling thoughts / anxieties. Concentrated painting process releases tensions and transform it into something creative and colorful. Hobbies are a good way of coping with stress and, and a hobby like Paint-by-Numbers, which mixes method, colors, painting and concentration allows you to cope with that stress and anxiety in the best possible way.

Many people use Paint by Numbers as a meditative craft because the painting process is slow, rhythmic, and thus meditative, helping one to get the peace of their mind that crafts hobby is supposed to give.

Enhancing fine motor skills, improving concentration for kids and seniors

Paint by Numbers for Seniors

Fine motor skills are the skills that involve the coordination of small muscles, such as that of fingers and joints, usually in synchronization with the eyes. These muscles help one to exhibit their dexterity in the manual tasks done in daily life.

Paint-by-Numbers helps in the enhancement of fine motor skills because the process of painting within fine lines and with precision and concentration becomes an exercise for the better movement of motor skills. Concentrating on a task over a long period of time has been shown to improve concentration.

Paint by Numbers for kids not only helps children to enhance their fine motor skills and concentration, but also helps children to develops valuable skills by learning to select the right color, recognize the numbers, paint within the lines, and hold the paint brush. Paint by Numbers help advance a number of creative and practical skills that children need, as Artistic activities greatly help the development of a child’s brain.

Paint by Numbers for seniors for seniors helps the older generation to keep training their brains and prevents the brain aging. Painting activities such as Paint by Numbers are also used as an art therapy for Alzheimer and brain aging related health issue, since researches indicates painting can effectively stimulate various senses & centers in the brain, and can therefore help to delay the onset of dementia and memory issues. The fine motor skills and eye hand coordination exercises required from Paint by Numbers helps clearly with the brain health.

Purchase Tips:

Purchasing Paint by Numbers for the above mentioning purposes, it is more important to select the right themes. i.e. for seniors to select large and easy kits. For kids we need to select the kits that interest or motivate them to get dedicated. For anxiety / stress relieving, you can choose more relaxing themes. If there is no decoration intended for the Paint by Numbers kits, then choose the best affordable products with reasonable quality.

People purchase Paint by Numbers also for purposes of decoration, gift giving or recording / remembering nice moments in life.

Paint by Numbers as decoration

If you prefer real hand painted paintings over the canvas prints and love to decorate your rooms with your own masterpiece, then Paint by Numbers is one of the best choices. It is much cheaper than you buy a hand painted artwork in the market (a small size of a hand painted artwork with reasonable quality starts at least 200 euro, and large size or multi panel design Paint by Numbers normally won’t cost more than 80 euro from myPaintLab collections), and you will have great feeling of accomplishment if you do the painting and design of your décor yourself.

DIY Paint by Numbers Wall Art

Paint by Numbers as gifts

Gifts must not be expensive, but it is much more valuable if it is made by yourself. Giving a artwork painted by yourself is one of the most precious gifts because everyone knows how much time and care you have put into the work. Of course, people also give Paint by Numbers kits as gifts for the recipients to paint by themselves. In this way you also give away the fun of painting as part of gift.

Paint by Numbers as gift

Custom Paint by Numbers to record the nice moments in life or as gifts

You can get your own photos personalized in custom Paint by Numbers kits and paint your favorite photos yourself. Paint the nice moments in life, or the loved ones / pets on canvas.

Custom Paint by Numbers for pets

Purchase Tips:

For Paint by Numbers that are intended as decoration or gifts, costs is in general of less concern, since you will be spending tens of hours and days working on that artwork, and the final results will be presented to everyone everyday, you shall be worrying less about some 10-20 euro price difference, instead you want to choose the best themes you love, the best service you can get in case you need support, and the best quality and delivery that allow you to get started quickly and smoothly.

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